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X-ray Management Information System Software.

Health facilities in the past would have a patient taken a first x-ray photo which was printed for them to carry home. Health facilities would insist on duplication of the x-ray photos taken of a patient. Also, the patients had to have a copy of the x-ray photo with them physically each time they had a consultation with a doctor. Innovation in computer application has developed a computerized imagery, and other related information record keeping. This is a system that manages and records the x-ray photos data and any other related information. It performs the following functions.

Planning the health facility calendar to accommodate patients in need of x-ray photos. The software is uploaded with all patients whose diagnosis study requires an x-ray photo. With this data the system will allocate the day and time for each patient. Thus their x-ray equipment is used up to their optimal capacity.

Overseeing the person diagnosed reaction to different medications. The software will record all imagery data from the initial x-ray photo to the final one when the patient is declared to have fully recovered. The health facility can, therefore, change doctors at will as each doctor will be provided with an updated patients imagery data and any other treatment information very easily. Therefore the systems has reduced the inaccuracies and doing a single x-ray more than once.
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Evaluating whether the medication administered is working or not. The application will compare different x-ray photos to check if there is any difference, which may show recovery or worsening of the condition or no change at all. The system will also analyze the impact of treatment on some patients by comparing their x-ray photos. The doctors will be able to adjust treatment to time, instead of continuing administering treatment which is not working and the patient is still being charged.
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The system is also integrated with various health care billing software. The purpose is to have a centralized medical costs application. Therefore a comprehensive medical costs information is delivered to the medical insurance company of the patient electronically. Electronic medical cost messages are usually error free expediting the patient’s compensation process. The system integration also facilitate efficient management of data and ease to make necessary alterations.

The radiology information software system has been of great benefit to both the patients, doctors and other health care stakeholders. The health care system has reduced the large number of physical imagery patients’ records, hence becoming more productive. While the patients have benefited by not having to carry several x-ray photos every time they go to see a doctor and the system has reduced errors which made patients pay very high extra fees.

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A Quick History of Programs