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Chase Sapphire Cards Get NEW $120 Peloton Credits + CSR 100k Offer

hey credit warriors well shots have been fired yesterday American Express announced a new hundred and twenty dollars uber credit on the gold card plus it eats pass on the green gold and platinum and today chase has fired back with their own offer on the sapphire preferred sapphire reserve and jp morgan reserve cards which is a credit for peloton membership you know the makers of those ridiculously expensive bikes and treadmills now I’m going to read out what they say so this is from a chase press release reserve card members will earn up to 120 in statement credits on peloton digital and all access memberships through December 31st, 2021. preferred card members earn up to 60 in statement

credits on peloton digital and all access memberships through December 31 2021 and the jp morgan reserve actually gets the same offer as the sapphire reserve now I know what you’re thinking here do you actually need the peloton bike for all this well the answer is actually no so this is for the digital access and there are two tiers of membership the more expensive one you do need peloton hardware such as the bike or treadmill or whatever but for the digital access only you actually do not need any penalton hardware it’s 12.99 I think it is a month and you get access to an app where you can you know to join various fitness classes and all that kind of stuff you don’t need any pelton

hardware so that lady in the commercial she didn’t need to get all emotional about her bike a peloton give it up for a first time ride all right first ride I’m a little nervous but excited she didn’t even need a bike she could have got the digital access and saved like two thousand dollars now how do you set this up well right now uh there is a landing page a url where you can enroll your card, okay this comes straight from the chase press release um obviously I think within the next few hours or a day or so they’re going to probably be sending out emails, uh they’ll probably have a pop-up on you know chase website when you log into your account but as of now a recording of this video still early there’s nothing like that so we just have the landing page from the press

release from chase okay and I’ll link to the press release down in a comment or something but anyway this is the direct link to the landing page you just go there you enter your card numbers etc and the credit will be applied automatically uh to your card for your spending on the pelton memberships now what do I think about this well I think that uh you know comparing it to what amex just brought in on the uber credit I think uber is a lot more universal than peloton so uber is definitely going to benefit more people okay with both uber and uber eats however with this peloton thing if you are even remotely into fitness and workouts and stuff like that you might as well try out at least the digital access um but it’s not like chase just giving you money I mean an uber credit it’s literally I can use uber every month for ubereats

and I’m literally saving that money for peloton this would be something I might try it but it would be something that I wouldn’t have done otherwise so it’s not really saving me money but you know it is definitely a cool thing to try out but uh if we’re talking about a battle between amex and chase I think amex wins on this one however they did say this in their press release this is the first step in a broader collaboration to provide sapphire card members more value when using their card with peloton so you know maybe there will be some things in the pipeline for example maybe even a discount on bikes or something if you want to buy a bike I don’t know but it does indicate that they’re going to be doing more with the peloton in the future right now we also have news of a hundred thousand points sign up offer with the chase sapphire reserve, okay and this comes from my fico forum post

by someone who got this mail in the office so this is a targeted mailing offer you can’t find this on their website but anyway here’s what he said chase sapphire reserve special offer approved 35.5 k I assume that is his credit limit all right 35 000 this is his final application for 2020. so he received a targeted mailer he was approved instantly for 35 000 and it had been a pre-approved offer for the chase sapphire reserve hundred thousand bonus points for ten thousand dollars in spending uh i assume that was in three months but get this the annual fee was also waived for the first year and then after that it would be 550 and he could also get two authorized users with their 75 annual fees waived as well and then the guy just gives a little bit of information about you know his situation his credit scores 761 with equifax 762 with experian he’s got 50 000 on deposit with chase premier plus checking which you know it’s not huge actually it’s a fair bit but it’s not huge and he got a 600 bonus for that so yeah very cool 100 000 point offer spending requirement obviously is double what it is on uh the public offer for 50 000 points okay 10 000 um dollars spending in the first three months but then you’ve got to remember that the annual fee is waived so you have to do more spending but uh you’re gonna save 550 in the first year and you

get two authorized users and your fees waived as well so yeah pretty cool offer um obviously not everyone is going to get this it’s a targeted mail-in offer so if you are targeted um you’ll receive it so do just look out keep checking your mailboxes guys if you want this but other than that yeah just hang tight in there maybe you’ll get it maybe you won’t anyway guys what do you think of the new benefits on these chase cards please leave your comments below subscribe if you’re new um if you want a sapphire card i would recommend starting with the sapphire preferred it’s currently got an 80 000 point sign up bonus i’ll put the link for that below so you can learn more about it also the chase freedom flex five percent uh or five points per dollar bonus at grocery stores at the moment as well so i’ll put that link below too you can learn more about both of those cards thanks so much for watching guys and we’ll see you next time bye

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