LAST CHANCE for Chase Sapphire Preferred 80,000 Points Bonus

Hey credit warriors credit shifu here and this is a short video to tell you that this is your last chance to get the 80 000 points to sign up bonus on the chase sapphire preferred I’ll put the details on screen uh for you of that bonus all right now this is an elevated bonus it used to be I think 50 000 then it was 60 000 and then recently they bumped up to 80 000 points.

Now that’s worth a thousand dollars in travel because on the sapphire preferred you get an extra 25 cents in value per point when you book travel through the chase portal so it’s 1.25 cents per point and so you know obviously we just had the election we’re not totally sure who won yet so you know if your candidate didn’t win perhaps you want to leave the country and what better for leaving the country than 80 000 points that you can use on travel to a value of a thousand dollars all right let’s try and see the lights out of the situation.

Anyway so if you do want to get that card it’s only available for a few more days i’ll tell you the exact date you have to apply by in just a moment but first of all just some details of the sapphire preferred so it earns two points per dollar on travel and dining it’s what i would call a tier three card right so it has a 95 annual fee which isn’t waived for the first year you get some other benefits which they’ve added recently like a door dash benefit etc um but yeah it’s a solid tier three card and to get the bonus you have to not be a sapphire member and remember now you’re only allowed one sapphire and you can’t have had a new card member bonus on a sapphire in the past 48 months now if you fit that criteria then well done awesome you can apply for this you can get an 80 000 point bonus worth of thousand dollars in travel through the chase portal and you have to apply for it though before november 8th so the bonus is going away on november 8th so you’ve got like including today you’ve got like basically four days fourth fifth six seven yeah i don’t know if it’s on november 8th or midnight november 8th but i would say apply before november 8th to be sure so you’ve got basically four days all right apply by the latest the seventh and if you’re thinking about you know this or the sapphire reserve i would say go for this first and then after a year upgrade to the sapphire reserve and then you can get things like lounge access et cetera because the sapphire reserve only has a fifty thousand point sign up bonus so eighty thousand versus fifty thousand come on i think it’s a no-brainer anyway guys if you are interested in this card i will put the link below as always for you to learn more about it they are affiliate links they help out our show if you want to see the advertised disclosure right at the bottom of the description section um if you do apply for it i wish you luck and i wish you much happiness enjoying spending those points on travel let me know what you think in the comments below please subscribe if you’re new and we’ll see you next time bye

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