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Record High Credit Card Offers You NEED To Know

so I first got into the points and miles community right after I turned 18 during time I was in college and I’ve been on Reddit I’ve been in Facebook groups and as most of you guys know I’ve been on youtube for a little bit now but I have never seen these type of historic high offers ever before in the past

Now my job in this video is going to be to educate you so none of you guys miss out on these limited-time promotions on welcome bonuses other incentives and different cashback offers that we’re seeing right now in the market and if you do appreciate videos like this where it is literally making you money it is saving you time and it’s giving you the best opportunity of maximizing the cash back you get from these credit cards hit that like button down below that’s all I ask you guys just destroy do whatever you want to the like button hit it down below and before we get started with this video one last thing comment down below let’s see uh comment down below your favorite drink my favorite drink is water if I’m not drinking water I’ve been drinking a lot more tea lately comment down below what your favorite drink is that’ll help this video get pushed out and help other people find out about these offers as well

Okay so i’m just gonna start with some of the most urgent ones first and then we’re gonna go down the list and talk about some other promotions that you need to know about for the first one we have the chase sapphire preferred sitting at an all-time high welcome bonus of 80 000 ultimate reward points this historic high offer actually ends on november 8th so if you guys are watching this video right now and you don’t have the chase sapphire preferred and you’re under the 524 rule and disclaimer if you don’t know what the 524 rule is i’ve made a full guide video on that that i’ll have listed down below in the description so make sure you watch this video all the way through and if you don’t know what the 524 rule is watch that video before you decide to apply for a card like this so back to the chase sapphire preferred just in case you don’t realize how much 80 000 you are points is let me just break it down for you if you’re able to meet the minimum spend requirement to achieve the welcome bonus for this card of 80 000 ur points at a 1.1 cent redemption that is 800 in cash as many of you guys who are already familiar with my channel and how credit cards work you know that the one cent to one point redemption is at the bare minimum low many people can often find themselves getting a much higher redemption of anywhere from two cent to one point or even to three cents to one point which is not too difficult to get we’re just gonna play it safe though we’re gonna say it’s one cent to one point and even at that rate you’re getting eight hundred dollars cash back and you’re paying a 95 annual fee so if we do the gross profit on that you are still making 700 off just holding this one card if you decide after holding this card for one whole year you pay that annual fee you get that welcome bonus and you realize this card may not be for me all you have to do is downgrade this card into the chase freedom flex or the chase freedom unlimited card and you’re pretty much just keeping that welcome bonus you achieve that first year with this card which is just free money now if you have trouble spending that four thousand dollars in three months i know back a few years ago i definitely would have had trouble doing that coming out of school as a college student not putting that much spend because frankly i just wasn’t making that much money if you have bills to pay if you have utilities if you have rent if you have a car payment you guys could actually do something very interesting that not a lot of people are taking advantage of so this is all about taking advantage of a program called plastiq pretty much you’re able to get your credit card link it to this website and they’ll send a check out to whatever company or bill or auto loan or mortgage or or rent utility you name it they’ll send out a check to whatever place you owe money to you can pay with your credit card you can get the welcome bonus you can get the additional points and they pretty much just cover it on your behalf keep in mind they do normally charge a fee in order for you to use their service this is how they sustain themselves as a business but plastiq was actually kind enough to send us a special link so this link is one of the best ones you guys can take right now because any referral friend offer and even the public welcome bonus which doesn’t give you anything this is gonna be giving you fifteen hundred dollars of fee free dollars check it out down below in the description it really is the best link to take right now and if you can’t hit any of the welcome bonuses for these cards this is one of the best ways you can do it now with the chase sapphire preferred 80 000 welcome bonus points they still limit you to that three months unlike the american express gold card where you’re getting almost double the welcome bonus that you can normally get with the industry standard rate and they’re actually extending the minimum spend requirement time length from three months to six months so with american express it works out pretty well because they can’t accept plastic like we just mentioned so six months to spend four thousand dollars it really isn’t that difficult for many people at all so if you are looking to sign up for a new card you have the chase sapphire card or maybe you’re over 524 or you just don’t want to deal with chase right now the next best offer i’m gonna mention to you is the american express gold with this card you can find yourself getting 60 000 mr points instead of 35 000. i have personally never seen an offer as good as this before ever since this card got revamped now you know what else is even more interesting one of our facebook group members actually got an offer for the american express gold card for 75 000 mr points if you had told me this six months ago i would never have believed it this is a card that was so good that sold so many people just with the appearance and the cashback rates that it provided that they never really had to increase the welcome bonus offer for a card like this but now we’re seeing them double it and it’s absolutely insane if you don’t have the american express gold card first thing i’m going to say is don’t be intimidated just because it’s the american express gold card and it sounds all prestigious they actually accept a lot more applicants based off the data points i’ve seen than chase actually does with new applicants what this means is you could have less than a 700 score and i’ve seen people still get automatically approved for american express but if you guys have trouble getting approved for some of these cards your score isn’t the best but you know that this is an offer too good to pass up check out some of my older videos talking about how to get approved for any credit card out on the market i talk about some secret methods and you can learn all about it in those videos if you do happen to get denied or your application says pending you have to use some of my older methods that i’ve talked about on this channel it will get you approved now although these are some great offers i do always have to mention make sure that this card makes sense for you if you’re not eating out if you have too many annual fees to pay or your income has really taken a hit during this illness you want to be mindful about the cards that you apply for and don’t just get hooked in because of the high mr welcome bonus that they’re offering if you’re someone who’s been sitting on the other side of the court though and you’ve been looking at applying for a card like this and you’ve just been waiting for some type of special opportunity this is it i really don’t see it getting much better than this this is the historic welcome bonus for both of these cards actually and if you’re looking to apply to get the most amount of value right now is the best time don’t sleep on it i don’t imagine them extending these promotions all the way till the end of the year or going on for as long as we know these offers come and go and the last thing you want to do is miss out on them now aside from the gold card american express has mentioned some additional promotions with some of their other cards now it’s not every single one of american express’s cards it looks like they are being pretty selective about the cards that are getting increased welcome bonuses at this time now another great promotion i wanted to talk about was with ebates so anytime i do decide to shop online i always activate ebates so for anyone who doesn’t know what ebates is it’s pretty much a cashback portal you can sign in you can buy things you do nothing you literally use their portal and they give you additional free money and savings on the shopping that you’re already doing now i’ve been with ebates for a while but i’ve never seen a historic high offer like this so at this time they’re actually offering you 40 dollars if you sign up with them and then you use the cashback portal when you buy something online i know holidays like black friday cyber monday they’re going to come out of nowhere and we’re going to be like where is the time gone if you do decide to shop online this portal literally makes you free money costs you nothing you don’t have to pay anything to use it it makes you free money and they’re having a 40 promotion right now so if you guys use the link down below it’s going to be a referral link i get 40 bucks you get 40 bucks and if you do decide to sign up you should really consider referring some of your other friends if they don’t have a cash back portal like this because it is just free money there there’s nothing to lose and if you can refer other friends they get 40 bucks you get 40 bucks and you refer maybe three or five people you’ve just made yourself a couple extra hundred dollars by literally doing nothing so instead of working at the job you have to or selling you know a million sneakers you could just refer like two or three friends with ebates check it out it will be listed down below in the description if you don’t have it this is an essential extension that you need to add to your arsenal now alongside that i will have other free resources listed down below in the description of the video on top of that i will have credit card links that will take you to the american express gold card or the chase staff i prefer if you guys do plan on applying make sure that you are able to get the best offer and rate for those cards if you do decide to apply and if you apply using my links down below that directly helps support this channel and i just want to say thank you all to everyone using those links thank you all so much again for watching today’s video i appreciate every single one of you and hopefully i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out you

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