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Doors and Rooms

Doors is a difficult game where you have to escape 100 doors without getting caught by “them” the story of the game begins in a elevator where you can buy some gears. Now lets talk about those gears!


First of these are the most useful things to use in this game. It makes you go 4x faster for a short period of time. It can be used for emergencies. Can be purchased from the elevator and found in drawers.


This gear can come in handy in some times.. There is dark rooms and this helps you to see in the dark. Can be purchased from the elevator and found in drawers.


This is identical to the lighter. But it helps you see the front not where you stand. It is better than the lighter because it has 50% more battery than the lighter fuel. Can be purchased from the elevator and found in drawers.


This is really useful for time saving.. and some unpatient people. (xD) As you can predict it can open any locked door. You can carry only 3 lockpicks at a time. Can be purchased from the elevator and found in drawers.


This is really helpful for emergencies. For example lets say you have low health and need to heal IMMEDIATELY. You are in luck! You can find bandages in drawers. But sadly you cannot purchase this from the elevator.

The Crucifix (Removed)

If this was still in the game, i would be SURPRISED. This item could be found in drawers and could be purchased from the elevator. It would let you take down any monster. But it had a one use only a time. It would be worth it tho 😀

Skeleton Key (Removed)

This would be useful. It could open 5 locked doors and it could be purchased from the elevator.


And “them” are the ones that i was talking about earlier. These guys are not so nice and their main goal is to kill you. Now lets talk about them and how to escape from them.


This is the most common entity and you will probably see this first in your long journey. If the lights flicker when you enter a room, it is probably rush coming. However there is some fake flickers where nothing happens even when the lights flicker. Now to escape rush, you have to hide in a closet until rush goes away. Now if you see some eyes looking at you all over the walls and the lights flicker, do not worry because nothing is coming. I will talk about them later.


This guy lurks in dark rooms. He will spawn 3 seconds before he says “Psst” and the moment you hear it, just look around and if you see a flying spider legged ball (xD) S T A R E at it. To make screech come not so often, you will have to open a lighter or a flashlight until you enter a normal room where its not dark.


This entity is basically rush but cooler. It will make the lights flicker a little bit more than rush does. To escape this guy, you will have to go in to the closet and then go out a couple times. This proccess will repeat for 1 – 4 times.

Guiding Light

This entity does not attack you and he is the only helping entity in this massive hotel. It makes a blue sparkling light near an item you need to find or a place you need to go.


This is an entity a little hard to escape from. To know his appearence, there will be a lot of eyes in the walls looking at you blinking 5 rooms before seek approaches. You will have to run through obstacles and find the right door with the help of guiding light. You will have to crouch, run and if you go from the wrong path, you are most likely dead.


This entity is surprisingly not that hard to dodge. “This is Eyes. He doesn’t like to get stared at. By this tip thanks to guiding light you have to not look at it unlike screech. To know his appearence it will make a weirdcore ish sound and a purple aura so you know it when he appears.

The Figure

This is one of the hardest entities to escape from. There is 2 times figure will appear in a run. Room 50 and room 100 (Aka the escape floor.) This entity cannot see. It uses sounds and echo location to sense where you are. In room 50, you will have to find all the books while crouching so figure doesn’t kill you. After you find all 8 books, you will have to find the paper where it tells which shapes are coming first, second etc. (the books have shapes on them so you can solve the code) then you have to solve the 5 digit code like that. And also if you attemt to go on a closet during room 50 and 100 and figure is close, it will make you do a heartbeat minigame. In room 100, figure will jump at you and you will have to find a closet to hide in immediately. When figure is away, you will have to go upstairs and go to the broken elevator and find the key there, after that you will have to open the electrical room. There is a memory game in that room. After you solve it run upstairs to the elevator and you will win!


To know his appearence, the lights will flicker 3x more than others. In the next room you will teleport to a blue corridor where you have to run straight. But when you see a glitchy message that says “TURN AROUND” you will have to go the opposite direction you were going. You will repeat his proccess about 10 times before you escape.

Glitch (Variant 1)

Glitch has 2 variants. This is variant one and is the most common one. This glitch will run to you jumpscaring you if you are 5 rooms behind your teammates in multiplayer. It will teleport you back to your teammates but however it will take away 45% of your health.

Glitch (Variant 2)

This is the rarer glitch. It will appear and teleport you to the next room if the room doesnt load correctly. This variant of glitch doesnt take away your health.


Jack’s appearence is 5% and it will jumpscare you while u are trying to hide in a closet kicking you out. But u can get back in after the jumpscare is over.

Hallway Jack

Hallway jack is one of the rarest entities in doors. İt has a 1/2000 chance to spawn and it will jumpscare you in a room and will make the room bloody for 15 seconds.


Shadow also has a 1/2000 chance to spawn and it will jumpscare you in a room and thats basically it.


Window appears after a seek chase. It also has a 1/2000 chance to spawn and it will smile at you from a window for 0.75 seconds. It is harmless.


To escape from hide, you will have to not stay in a closet for too long because it will make a message called “GET OUT” and if you still dont get out, it will kick you and will not let you in any closet for 15 seconds.


This is a rare entity too. But not as rare as shadow, hallway jack and window. It has a 1/200 chance to spawn from a drawer and it will jumpscare you by jumping on your screen. However, it only takes away 5% of your health.

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