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How To Upgrade Chase Sapphire Preferred To Reserve
How To Upgrade Chase Sapphire Preferred To Reserve

Question people wonder how to upgrade chase sapphire preferred to reserve today we’re talking about when you should upgrade the Chase Sapphire Preferred to the chase Fi reserve

Ok so let’s go ahead and get started with the Chase Sapphire

Preferred when you should do the upgrade and now this is not a hard and fast rule

so there are certain things that you might have that you might have different

circumstances so I’m just going to talk about in my situation when I would

consider upgrading. I do have the Chase Sapphire reserve right now and I also

have the Chase Sapphire Preferred because I had the Chase Sapphire

Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Reserve

Preferred prior to the Chase Sapphire reserve launch and when they launched to

chase a fire reserve I jumped on it so I still have both cards I usually taste

Sapphire Preferred right now as referrals I mean I get so many referrals

on that card so that’s the reason why I’m keeping that card

Now when you’re looking at the cards the first thing that you want to think about the first

thing that I would think about in situation is how much do I eat out and

in my situation I eat out a lot so I will eat out when I’m going to work at

least once a day I’m going I’m getting a meal so that’s at least $10 every meal

every day all right a Monday through Friday and then on the weekends it

depends on the situation but I do eat out more than most people

so I can benefit from from getting that Chase Sapphire Reserve so I can earn

more points with the taste Fi Reserve because I’m giving 3 points every dollar

spent at restaurants whereas with the Chase Sapphire Preferred you’re only

getting 2 points every dollar spent so that’s the first thing I would look at

The next thing we want to look at is lounge access so a lot of us in prior to

getting the Chase Sapphire reserve I didn’t really know anything about

lounges I’d never stayed in the lounge or anything like that

but now I swear by them anytime I go to the airport I’m always using the lounge

because for one they have free water free sodas free alcohol free snacks so

you have a place to go that’s quiet you also get free Wi-Fi too which is

nice that’s quiet and you you can kind of get away from everyone and then you

have these free things that you don’t have to pay for and I used to go to the

gift shops all the time and get water and get things like that for the plane

well now I have access to these same things and a lounge so it just makes

that whole travel experience a lot better so I I recommend people at least

go into a lounge to kind of see how it is some some other cards will give you

maybe a couple of passes a couple of free lounge passes or you can also get

on eBay and you can get like the United Club passes.

Now the United Club is not it’s not the nicest lounge that you’re gonna be in but it will kind of give you

an idea of how things work in and how you can really benefit from a lounge by

getting some of these different things that you would normally buy when you’re

at the airport so you have to look at that so is this a benefit that’s

something that’s that that I that I’m good with or is this something that

really not worth it to me a lot of people bring their food so they’ll bring

food to the airport which you can do you can’t bring liquids but you can bring

food snacks and things like that so if you prepare ahead you can do that and

you don’t need a lounge but it’s something to think about that would also

kind of steer me to ok the Chase Sapphire Reserve is good because of this

something else I want to talk about is Global Entry so if you’re not if you’re

not familiar with Global Entry global issue will allow you to kind of get in

front of everyone online so you’ll have a separate line that you go to and you

don’t have to do a lot of things like you would normally have to do at the

airport take off your shoes take your computer out of the bag and all that

kind of stuff you you’re able to skip all that because you have if you have

Global Entry you also have TSA PreCheck now the way that Global Entry is

different than TSA PreCheck is when I’m entering re-entering the country so

let’s say I go out to Mexico then I’m on my way back when I’m on my way back in I

go through a separate line again I go through a kiosk and I don’t have to go

through the the normal customs process so all I do is go to the kiosk put the

information and put my passport on there put my fingerprints on there and then

I’m able to just go right through though they’ll it’ll print out his ticket for

me and I take that ticket to the customs agent and then I’m on my way so it’s a

lot faster process it does a little bit more to get that but they

give you this hundred dollar credit with the taste fi reserved but you do have to

you have to go for an interview sit down with the interview talk with the customs

agent just kind of explain your travel history and all that kind of stuff and so they do do a little bit of background I say they know your trusted traveler

that’s what that’s what that means so another thing to think about if you

want to get the Chase Sapphire reserve you get that you’re gonna get that

hundred dollar credit there now one thing that I didn’t mention that I think

I should mention is the difference between the two cars as far as the

annual fee so the annual fee for the Chase Sapphire Preferred is $95 the

annual fee for the Chase Sapphire reserve is $450 and so you can see right

there that’s a big difference and that might sway you one way or the other but

with the Chase Sapphire reserve you are going to get a $300 travel credit and

that brings me to the next portion of the next thing you need to think about

how much do you travel so if you don’t travel enough let’s say one or two times

a year Chase Sapphire Preferred is probably going to be a better fit for

you if you do travel three four or more times per year then you might want to

consider getting that TFI reserve because you can get all those benefits

that I was talking about the Global Entry really makes sense at that point

the the lounge access really makes sense and plus the three hundred dollar travel

credit you’ll have no problem using that travel credit if you travel a lot

so those are other things that you need to think about and the last thing I want to

talk about too and this can be a strategy if you don’t plan on traveling

right this minute let’s say you’re you know you want to travel in a year or two

years the sign up bonus for the Chase Sapphire Preferred right now is sixty

thousand the signup bonus for the Chase Sapphire Reserve is is fifty thousand so

you’ll get an extra ten thousand if you sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred

and then upgrades but you have to wait a year you can’t upgrade prior to that

year so you’re gonna have to wait that time and then at the end so when you’re

when you’re ready to pay your annual fee again you can call up chase and listen

oh hey am I eligible to upgrade this card and then they’ll go ahead and work

their magic and get you the card the Chase Sapphire reserve now you do need

to have a credit limit with the chase after I reserve the credit limit needs

to be ten thousand so if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred right now and

your credit limit is let’s say five thousand well they need to see if you

qualify for 10,000 so they’re gonna have to do

something to figure out if you if you do qualify now if you have some other chase

cards they might be able to move some credit around and allow you to to get

the Chase Sapphire reserve but you have to start at ten thousand they don’t they

don’t approve people under ten thousand as far as credit limit so that’s what I

think about the chase if I preferred upgrading when you should upgrade I

think really it comes down to your traveling habits if you travel a lot

that it really makes sense if you do not travel that much then I think you’re

safe for just saying what the Chase Sapphire Preferred because there are

some benefits in the chase EFI Reserve that you’re just not going to be able to

get so that’s my that’s my advice when it comes down to it but more importantly

I wanna know what you guys think so in the comment section what do you think

you should upgrade from the Chase Sapphire Preferred the Chase Sapphire

reserve do you think you should do it at all do you think you should just bypass

the taste that I preferred and just get the Chase Sapphire Reserve and not do

like a thing I was talking about where you’re getting the Chase Sapphire

Preferred first get to 60,000 sign-on bonus and then get the Chase Sapphire

reserve in one year what do you guys think about that please let me know down

below if you like this video please give me a thumbs up please subscribe for more

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How to Upgrade to the Chase Sapphire Reserve

How to Upgrade to the Chase Sapphire Reserve

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