Hey I’m adam Jusko from proudmoney.com can I get chase to waive the annual fee on my chase sapphire preferred well I gave it a try today and I’m here to report the results but first I’m gonna ask you to please subscribe to this youtube channel if you have not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so so about a month ago I made a video saying I was trying to decide whether I wanted to keep or close this chase sapphire preferred I was sort of leaning toward keeping it for another year or I have been but I decided why don’t I give chase a call and see if I can get that annual fee waived instead and then it would be an easy decision I haven’t really used the card much I actually found out today I haven’t even used it since June but I would like to keep it if I can

So anyway I decided to give them a call and say I would make a trade I would remain their customer if they would waive the annual fee which I thought was more than fair so I’ve had some success getting annual fees waived in the past from other card issuers usually what you want to do if you are trying to get a fee waived is actually wait for that fee to show up on your statement and then when you see it that’s the time to call in and see if you can get it waived and get that removed so I saw the 95 annual fees for the chase sapphire preferred had shown up on my statement and so I gave chase a call so I got the chase rep on the phone and she asked me what she could do for me and I said well I have this chase sapphire preferred and I’ve seen the annual fee is now on

my statement but I haven’t really been using the card but I would like to hold on to the card so I want to see if that annual fee can be waived and she said yes I can help you with that and so I was feeling pretty good about myself and then I realized that when she said yes I can help you with that it only meant yes it is my job to help you because you are a chase customer not yes we will waive the annual fee because the next thing she said was well we don’t waive the annual fee for that card so I said well that’s too bad I am thinking about canceling the card I really have not used it too much so there’s no possible way to waive that annual fee or maybe there is a retention offer and then she said sounding kind of bored, to be frank, I could downgrade it to a no annual fee card and then I said well I haven’t completely decided yet so those are

my only choices either keep that annual fee there’s no retention offer no possibility or just to downgrade and then she said would you like to add an authorized user and i said huh what does that have to do with anything so i was getting a little frustrated and i didn’t feel like i was making much headway with this chase rep so i decided as sort of a last-ditch effort to play the celebrity card so i said maybe you didn’t notice when you took the call but right now you’re actually talking to adam jusko of the proud money youtube channel yeah she said she wasn’t familiar with that channel but that i should check out this other channel she really liked called ask sebby at that point i wanted to get off the phone and so i told her i needed to think about it a little bit longer and she told me that i shouldn’t wait too long because otherwise they wouldn’t refund that 95 if i decided to cancel the card past the next statement date so a little of that story is embellished but bottom line the fact that chase was not willing to work with me at

all is completely true and it didn’t really surprise me i thought i’d give it a shot never hurts to ask but chase is sort of in the driver’s seat these days in terms of credit card companies they don’t need to do anything really to retain people they’ve got more than enough people coming in as new customers i think so i’m really not that important to them and i was not surprised that they weren’t going to work with me so i’m going to hold on to my chase sapphire preferred for one more year i’m gonna give them one more chance here and if they don’t do anything new to the card next year i definitely am going to cancel it but with the changes that have happened to the chase freedom cards over the past few months it’s really hard for me to believe that this chase sapphire preferred is just going to stay what it is right now for a whole nother year so i’m assuming that in 2021 we’re going to see some new things happen here a revamp of the chase sapphire preferred and perhaps the chase sapphire reserve as well so i’m going to sort of for now hold on to it see what happens and you know if it doesn’t change next year then it’s out of there so that’s it questions comments suggestions stories about how you got chase to waive the annual fee i would love to hear all of it in the comments section below otherwise i and as always please go to proudmoney.com where we do credit card reviews we talk personal finance we talk deals and all sorts of other fun stuff too bye

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