Semi accident on interstate 80 today

Semi accident on interstate 80 today

On July 22, there was a semi accident on Interstate 80 that caused the highway to be closed for a few hours. The accident happened sometime before 9 a.m. when a semi truck crashed into the median and caught fire.

The truck was carrying gasoline, so the fire was intense and created a large plume of black smoke that could be seen for miles. The Iowa State Patrol and other emergency responders worked quickly to get the fire under control and to clean up the wreckage.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, but the semi caused a lot of damage and created a traffic nightmare for the morning commute. The highway was closed in both directions while crews worked to clean up the mess, and it didn’t reopen until after noon.

If you were caught in the traffic jam, or if you just want to know what happened, please check back for updates.


A semi accident on Interstate 80 today caused traffic delays for hours. The accident occurred when a semi truck lost control and overturned. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries reported. However, the accident highlights the importance of being careful when driving in winter weather conditions.


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